Computer package deals, Home computers, Business computers, Gaming computers and Performance computers ready to go or customise to your needs.

Computer Town Australian has been supplying quality computers since 1994, choose from our package deals or customize a package to suite your budget and need.

Complete packages including screen, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

Home Packages

From student and home computers for the beginner to advanced home entertainment systems, we have pre-built packages and customisable packages to suit every situation and budget.

Business Packages

Business computers need to be reliable and with over 22 years of experience, reliability becomes second nature to us. Choose from basic business desktops to high end desktop publishing computers, or let us help you design a system that will save you time, money and a lot of frustration.

Gaming Packages

Our gaming rigs start where the department store computers stop. This is a specialty of ours and we have been designing gaming computers for over 22 years. If frame rate and getting the most out of a game is important to you than our gaming  PC's are what you are after. No other computer matches the performance and reliability of our packages.

Performance Packages

If every second means money and deadlines are critical let us show you computers that can video render and draw faster than anything that you have seen before. Our basic design is 5x faster than a standard PC and that's the basic model.

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